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Your Leadership Growth Plan

Leadership & Life Coaching

I am glad you are considering coaching. I have coached people for years. My approach is to combine two things that I believe must go together but often don't: 

  1. developing your leadership skills 

  2. caring for your leader’s soul 


In our early sessions we will develop a Growth Plan for you--customized to fit your life vision, purpose, and gifts. Then together we help you decide what steps to take next.


Choose How We Meet: 

  • Zoom

  • FaceTime

  • face to face. 

As we meet, I provide a variety of resources for the areas you want to grow in.

Can I Help You With...

  • Finding how your personality and strengths shape your leadership

  • Discovering your focus

  • Going through a job or career or life transition

  • Gaining control of your calendar

  • Resolving conflict between team members

  • Caring for your soul

  • Leading a change for your team

  • Building a healthy staff culture

  • Hiring for success

  • Handling an employee who's not working out

  • Discerning your life or career direction

  • Developing a healthy rhythm of life

  • Building the teamwork between 1st-chair and 2nd-chair leaders

  • Leading great meetings that people want to come to

  • Launching new programs

  • Leaving a legacy

  • Your current challenge

Leadership Coaching: Service
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